The FUC FOUNDATION was established due to the number of scams happening in the crypto and trading environment. Unscrupulous companies such as FTX, OneCoin, bitqyck and countless others are defrauding their customers and causing them significant financial harm, including the loss of their livelihood.

The FuckYouCoin (FUC) stands against dishonesty in the crypto scene and the FUC Foundation helps the victims of these rip-offs. If a customer has suffered financially significant damage after a proven scam of a crypto or trading company, they can get a cash refund on their chosen means of payment after presenting the evidence (report to the authorities, debit receipts, confirmation emails from the scam company about the customer relationship and deposits, etc.). The unambiguous confirmation and identification of the person to be compensated must be given in principle. Due to the greed in the market and according to our experience some big financial losses we cannot guarantee that basically all lost money will be refunded. In any case, if you are a victim of a fraudulent crypto or trading company, you will be paid the maximum possible financial compensation.

For more information, please see the FUC Foundation’s terms and conditions.