Fuck You Coin!

Uniting Honest Traders, Reclaiming the Markets

By breaking the chains of fraud and disrupting the status quo, FuckYouCoin is here to revolutionize the world of cryptocurrency. We represent a stand against fraud, scams and Ponzi schemes that defraud honest traders. We invite all honest and ambitious traders to join us in our mission to reclaim the crypto markets.

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The best currency in the year
Your Currency Against Crime


If you’re an ambitious trader that has been deceived by dishonest crypto traders or companies, you are not alone. Like all things in life, there will always be those who take advantage of the honest market. The FuckYouCoin is a symbol of unity and solidarity among those traders who have been taken advantage of by these malicious actors, and those who want to avoid the same fate. FuckYouCoin is here to fight back against these fraudsters and create a unified and honest trading community. We aim to create a more transparent and secure market

Why Choose us

The FuckYouCoin Advantage

FuckYouCoin is a cryptocurrency specially designed to promote honest and successful trading, backed by a strong, decentralized network of honest traders. Additionally, in April 2023, we will be launching FuckYouCoin Foundation, a compensation fund for those who have been victims of trading/crypto scams.

Our vision

We craft bright future

With FuckYouCoin, you can rest easy knowing that your funds are protected, and that you’re part of a vibrant and unified trading community. FuckYouCoin offers many features and benefits to traders, including:

Together, we will take back the markets and keep them honest. Become part of the FuckYouCoin community today, and join us in our mission!

Join the FuckYouCoin Movement - Take a Stand

When you join us in our mission to reclaim the crypto markets, you will be part of a powerful movement that stands against fraud and dishonesty. You will not only be able to use the FuckYouCoin as a currency, but you will also be able to invest in the coin and benefit from its growth. Together, we can create a safe, more transparent and more secure crypto space.